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Here at Beef + Lamb New Zealand we look to develop tools that are relevant, informative and empower sheep and beef farmers to better decision making.

Profitability Calculator

September 2015

B+LNZ Economic Service has developed a Profitability Calculator as an addition to B+LNZ's Interactive Tools.

The Profitability Calculator is an easy way for users to benchmark the profitability of their farm against similar sheep and beef farms in the industry. The tool allows you to evaluate where your profitability per hectare sits nationally, within your region and within a particular Farm Class.

The distributions displayed in the Profitability Calculator are sourced from the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Economic Service Sheep and Beef Farm Survey. All data are final for the years displayed. However, we are currently working on extending it to provisional and forecast years.

Meat and Wool Production Calculator

January 2015

What does your farm really produce? Did you really produce everything that you sold - or did you buy some of that "production" in?

Calculating the quantity of production that is actually grown on your farm can let you see things in a different way. See what it really costs to produce a kilogram of output, and then think about the price you really need to make an adequate profit. Access the tool at: portal.beeflambnz.com/tools/MeatWoolCalc

Export Data Analysis

October 2013

See how much meat New Zealand exports, where it goes, and what it's worth.

Use the Export Data Analysis tool to improve your knowledge about the destinations for New Zealand beef and sheepmeat exports.

You can create your own graphs of annual export volumes, values and trends in average value, and download the data.

This tool was developed by B+LNZ using data provided by exporters to New Zealand Customs Service. It will be updated monthly as new figures become available.

Take some time to review trends for markets that interest you most... and perhaps find something new.

Optimal viewing on small screens and big

July 2013

The interactive tools page now uses responsive design - the cutting edge of website design.

This means you can use these tools from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. The web page fluidly adapts to the screen it's on, and shows what you need so you can do your work.

It happens automatically - you don't need to choose a different view, or go to a different web site.

Try it today, and tell us what you think Have Your Say!

Pasture Growth Forecasting

July 2013

Our next exciting project in development is a Pasture Growth Forecaster. This tool, being developed for Beef + Lamb New Zealand in conjunction with Farmax, is designed to provide improved risk management capability for farmers dealing with changing climatic conditions. Short- and long-term forecasts will be combined and then linked to historical weather and soil temperature data to project future pasture growth. The tool will allow you to access a simple pasture growth forecast for the region you specify, you will be able to receive this information as updates in real-time in you inbox or on your phone. This new project will also provide detailed site specific forecasts for Beef + Lamb New Zealand Project Farms.

Tell us tools you would like to see developed in the future on the Have Your Say page.

Benchmarking Tool Updates

April 2013

We launched the benchmarking tool at the end of last year, and have recently made a couple of updates to it:

  • Data Update: We've updated the data in the benchmarking tool. It is now more up to date.
  • EBITR Data: We've added Earning Before Interest, Tax and Rent (EBITR) data to the Performance Indicators Per Farm Analysis data set.
  • As some of you requested, we have separated out the units from the data row name to help make the data easier to read.

Sheep Calendar Improvements

April 2013

We've had a lot of great feedback about the sheep calendar and we've been working hard to incorporate some of your ideas. We've recently made the following improvements:

  • Email Reminders: You can receive a weekly email of upcoming events.
  • Editable Mob Names: You can now rename the mobs in your calendar.
  • Add Your Own Events: It's now possible to add your own events in the calendar.
  • Share Calendar: Email a copy of your calendar.
  • Print multiple months at once: You can print 6 or 12 months with just one click of the mouse.