Calculate your Meat and Wool Production

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Download the spreadsheet, and instructions, then enter your own data to calculate your farm's meat and wool production. Please provide because we intend providing farmers with the ability to compare their meat and wool production to other farmers in New Zealand in a similar way as the Lambing Calculator.

The purpose of this calculator is to encourage farmers to think about production in a different way.

It isn't enough to simply record the weight of product going off the property and claim that as the "production" for the year. This type of calculation will be different from "real" production when:

  • the farm engages in significant trading activity e.g. finishing lambs that have been purchased in store condition. The real production here needs to recognise that the weight of lambs purchased was not "produced" on the farm
  • the base stock numbers change significantly e.g. when drought forces a reduction in stock numbers. In this case, the sold weight will be inflated by the sale of capital stock. The real production needs to adjust the sold weight for the change in the stock numbers.
In general, the calculation of production is:
plusChange in stocks on hand

Accountants will recognize this formula as the calculation of (gross) profit. However, in our calculation, we will be using kilograms rather than dollars.