Here are tips for you to use our FlockFinder App on iOS and Android.

B+LNZ Genetics FlockFinder app allows easy access to information on leading New Zealand ram breeders, who are recording animal performance and conducting genetic evaluations using the SIL genetic engine.

Users can search for ram breeding flocks on the basis of breed, geographical location, flock name, SIL flock number, owner name or on traits being recorded.

FlockFinder requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is optimised for iPhone 5.

Selection Options

  1. Enter a breeder name, flock name or SIL flock number.
  2. "Sheep Type" - can select:

    • 'Ewe Breeds' (Dual Purpose)
    • 'Meat Sheep' (Terminal Sire)
  3. "Breed" - select breed from scrolling list.
  4. "Region" - can select a specific region or "Near a location". This can be your current location or you can select a location.
  5. "Recording for" - choice of traits that a flock is recording.
FlockFinder Selection options

Search Results

Selection results are displayed with:

  • SIL flock no. & prefix (flock name)
  • owner name & sheep breed
  • region and number of lambs born in last year

Tap on a breeder to display their contact & flock details.

"Map" - tap to show location of all listed flocks with a known geographical location. Clicking on a "sheep" icon will show owner details and clicking on the "i" next to these details links to "Flock details" page.

Use the "Back" or "<" option to get back to the main screen, to start a "Search" running using the "Search" button or to refine your search with other criteria.

FlockFinder Search results

Search Advice

Don't impose too many criteria at first. Start with one or two criteria, then narrow down your search from there.

Results are sorted on flock size, then number of lambs born within that grouping.

On the "Region" screen, "Near a location" will use your current location and will display flocks "Within distance" that can be selected. The option "Use device location" can be turned off and an address can be entered. Alternatively, a long tap can be made on the map to pin point the required location. Select "Within distance" from scrolling list, to set required distance

FlockFinder Search advice

Flock Details

Flock details are displayed with:

  • SIL flock number, prefix and breed
  • owner region, name and address
  • what a flock is recording
  • farm details will also be displayed, if different from owner details

Users can select appropriate link to email or call the breeder, or to visit their website.

"Map" - tap to show location of flock.

FlockFinder Flock details

SIL Knowledge Terms

The "i" on front screen will take you to the "SIL knowledge terms", which provide:

  • A glossary of general breeding terms
  • common breeding value traits
  • SIL indexes available
FlockFinder Knowledge terms